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Our firm understands that those facing a commercial vehicle DUI in Georgia have a lot at stake. Do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today if you are facing the consequences of this charge. A dedicated Cobb County DUI lawyer is here to help.

How does Georgia define commercial vehicles?

A commercial vehicle is defined as, “a motor vehicle designed or used to transport passengers or property.” Commercial vehicles can be:

  • Vehicles that have “a gross vehicle weight rating of 26,001 or more pounds or such lesser rating as determined by federal regulation.”
  • Vehicles that are “designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver.”
  • Vehicles that transport “hazardous materials”

In Georgia, commercial vehicle drivers are held to a higher standard than regular drivers. A regular driver will be charged with a DUI with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more, meanwhile, a commercial driver will be charged with a DUI with a blood alcohol concentration of .04 percent or more. As you can see, the stakes are much higher for commercial drivers.

What are the consequences of a commercial vehicle DUI in Georgia?

Georgia takes DUI charges very seriously. A driver facing the consequences of this charge will encounter a license suspension and more. In most cases, the first DUI is typically a misdemeanor charge. A first DUI conviction can result in:

  • Fines between $300-$1000.
  • A person convicted of DUI could face a minimum of 24 hours to 12 months in prison. A common punishment is between 1-10 days in jail.
  • A total of 40 hours of community service could be needed. If the offender was under the age of 21 and had a BAC under .08 then he or she could be required to complete 20 hours of community service.
  • Participation in, and completion of, a DUI Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction Program that must be completed within 120 days after a conviction or 90 days after getting out of jail.
  • A clinical evaluation and treatment, if advised.
  • Probation that lasts up to 12 months.

It is important to recognize that the consequences of DUI charges in Georgia will increase as convictions accumulate. A second DUI conviction is still considered a misdemeanor but the penalties are more severe. A third conviction is a high or aggravated misdemeanor and a fourth DUI conviction is a felony. If you were charged with a commercial vehicle DUI in Georgia, do not wait to reach out to our firm today. Our legal team understands that your future is on the line. A Cobb County criminal defense lawyer can help you.

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