Mr. Adam Miller is a great defense attorney and he really cares about his work. He got my case dismissed without me having to show up. He always was there if I had any questions or concerns. He is literally the best. I highly recommend him as anyone's attorney.

- Destiny S.

I called Adam's office for some information regarding a traffic event that lead to an FTA. It happened 17 years ago! I found out about it when the ATF showed up at my house a couple of weeks ago. Adam called me back almost immediately. His fee was a fraction of some other attorneys I spoke with, and they didn't want to answer even basic questions on the phone. Now I live in South Carolina, very close to Charlotte, NC. When I spoke to Adam, he took the time to answer all my questions like I was the only person he had to talk to. That was absolutely amazing. He didn't rush or hurry me and he was doing this, taking his time to answer my questions for free!!! I hired him and he settled my case THE SAME DAY!!!! I have never in my life heard of or experienced anyone who worked that fast, and got the best possible outcome available. I have cancer and I can't travel the 5 hours to Atlanta/Marietta, GA. He has gone to court for me and will be going back to court for me in August. I don't have to go anywhere. Paying his fee was super simple, and he is in touch with you the minute he has any information. He could charge much more for what he does. He is a very honorable, stand-up man with convictions, determination, and resolve. Anyone who doesn't hire him for a legal matter he handles, which I believe are criminal matters, then you deserve what you get. Adam is worth his weight in gold in my opinion.

- Jeff H.

He not only helped me reduce my sentence but helped me close my case out way earlier than I expected to. Huge help and an amazing dude. 10/10.

- Andrew R.

He is a great lawyer who handled my case and even works out good payment plans.

- Mario M.

He was very knowledgeable, able to answer all my questions, and kept me updated about my case. I felt comfortable and trusted he was working very hard for me. Would recommend him to any and everyone.

- Daniel N.

Adam was outstanding in handling my case. Not only is he an exceptional attorney, but he also helps his clients understand all aspects of their case to achieve the best possible outcome. When my case wrapped up the judge even commented to me what an excellent job Adam did. I can't thank Adam enough and I highly recommend!

- W. King

Adam is a wonderful lawyer. He got my case dropped without me even showing up to court. He’s clearly a hard worker and he gets things done. I highly recommend him!

- M.M.

Adam is a great lawyer. He was very honest with me and gave me the worst and best-case scenario. I would highly recommend Adam and if I ever need anything else, I will definitely use him again.

- Tonya M.

Incredibly informative, patient, and willing to explain the situation and answer questions. I never felt confused or left out, he's great at what he does.

- JB D.

I had a great experience working with Adam. He was the only attorney I spoke with that actually cared enough and worked hard to get me the best possible outcome!!! I HIGHLY recommend him!

- Ron H.

Had a case with Cobb County, and Adam got it dismissed! Very happy. Always responded quickly. Gave me all my options. Price was worth it 100%.

- Nick N.

Very grateful to have worked with Adam during my husband’s case! He handled everything expeditiously and his experience as a former prosecutor was a plus! He definitely knows how things play out in the courtroom and I’m just thankful to have contacted him during my family’s time of need.

- Kim A.

I am truly grateful to have Mr. Adam Miller as my attorney recently! Mr. Adam is amazing, very kind, diligent. He went above and beyond to get charges reduced, which saved my driver's license, kept my driving record spotless, a minimal fine, and zero impact on my insurance. Mr. Adam is the best and very professional attorney. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

- Lan W.

In 2019, Mr. Miller represented my son, and he was court-appointed. If I could give him ten stars I would. There wasn't ever a time, that we weren't in the loop, or unsure of the process. Mr. Miller was very truthful, about what could happen to my son. Mr. Miller was very supportive, and he listened to us about our concerns. When my son had any questions, he never hesitated to visit him in jail. When I would have questions, even after hours, he would take the time to answer them. You can tell that to him, this isn't just a job. My son never felt like Mr. Miller wasn't on his side. Mr. Miller demonstrates that he cares for his clients, and their families. If you ever need a criminal lawyer to fight for you and win, then I recommend Mr. Miller for your fight.

- Tearza C.

Adam is the BEST! Got the job done quickly and was very reasonable with pricing, I’d recommend him to anyone in need.

- Tommy

Working with this law office and working with Adam was easy and definitely helped me out so much. His transparency and clarity made me feel so comfortable. Thank you so much.

- Marlon

In my experience, most public defenders usually don't try very hard and are more about doing what the D.A. wants quickly and are terrible at communicating with their clients. Adam Miller really did a great job of defending me and getting me a very fair plea deal and communicated very well with me even though I live on the other end of the state. I was impressed and very satisfied with the way he handled my case.

- Davy S.

When I met Adam, I told him I need communication. I was upfront with him, I didn't want to hire someone that I couldn't talk to throughout our process. Adam and I for the past year have talked daily, giving me weekly updates. To me, that is his best attribute. He earned my trust just by picking up the phone every time I called and giving me updates. Those updates put me at ease knowing he was working in my corner. He has been easy to work with and was able to get very good results for me.

- Josh M.

Adam is a great attorney, I'm very thankful for his service. He was able to get my felony dropped down to a misdemeanor. Now I am back home with my family. Thank you so much, Mr. Miller.

- Cedric A.

I contacted Adam regarding my dog getting out of my fence, he was so good at listening to and feeling my pain, because my dogs are my furry kids. He took care of my citation, I didn’t even have to go to court, he handled it all and got it dismissed. He will be my lawyer for life, Macho and I are very thankful for him and Macho has promise not to get out of the yard ever again. Thank you Adam for helping us!

- Millie V.