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Unfortunately, you may find that what you assumed was a simple stealing charge can warrant considerable consequences and time spent behind bars in some circumstances. Unfortunately, many are unaware of what warrants a felony theft charge. If you have been arrested on these charges, understanding the steps you can take to protect yourself during these complex times is critical. The following blog explores what you should know about these charges and how an experienced Cobb County criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of this matter.

What Warrants Felony Theft?

Unfortunately, many are unaware of the differences between theft, robbery, and burglary, assuming they are all the same charge. However, this is far from the truth. In Georiga, theft is officially called “theft by taking,” whereas other states refer to this crime as larceny. This is charged to those who unlawfully take another person’s property or deprive another of their belongings. It’s important to note that the language used in the law allows someone to be charged with this crime regardless of how they came into the property.

The severity of this crime is based on the value of the item taken. Generally, if the item is worth over $1,500, it warrants a felony charge.

What Consequences Can I Face if Charged?

When you are charged with felony theft by taking, understanding the penalties you could endure if sentenced is critical. If the property is valued at $1,500 to $5,000, you can face one to five years in prison. If the items are worth $5,000 to $25,000, the maximum sentence increases to ten years in prison.

It’s also important to understand that if you are charged for this crime again, you can be labeled as a repeat offender, which means the penalties you can face will increase, as you can be sentenced to the maximum punishment.

Aside from criminal charges, you can also face a civil lawsuit from the victim, who can sue for the value of the property and any damages your actions have caused.

What Should I Do if Arrested in Cobb County?

If you are arrested in Cobb County for felony theft, understanding the steps you must take to protect yourself is critical. The first thing you should do is remain silent. Under the Fifth Amendment, you have the right to remain silent when under arrest by a law enforcement officer. Unfortunately, many people try to convince the arresting officer of their innocence. However, what you say can be twisted and held against you to further incriminate you. Additionally, you should not try to resist arrest in any way, as this can warrant additional charges.

When you are arrested, connecting with the team at the Miller Law Practice, LLC, is in your best interest. Our dedicated team will do everything in our power to explore every potential avenue to help you achieve the best outcome possible for your unique circumstances. Contact us today to learn how we will fight for you.