child and parent standing near car

Facing a DUI in Georgia is a very serious matter. However, if you are discovered driving under the influence with a child in the vehicle, the charges you’ll face are even more intense. This is because the state considers these matters to be even more egregious, as you are putting a child at risk. As such, if you are facing charges for a DUI with a minor in the car, you’ll want to keep reading. The following blog explores what you should know about these matters and why you must connect with a Cobb County DUI lawyer who can explore your circumstances.

What Are the Penalties for a DUI With a Minor in the Vehicle?

When you are pulled over and the police have reason to believe you are under the influence, you can face intense charges. However, if you are discovered with a child in your vehicle, this can increase the penalties drastically. If the child is under 14, you will be charged officially with a DUI with Child Endangerment. You will face a charge for each child in the vehicle with you while you are under the influence.

The first and second offenses are considered misdemeanor charges and will result in a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense and up to $5,000 for a second offense. Both warrant up to 12 months in prison. However, a third offense is considered a felony and will warrant up to $5,000 in penalties and up to 5 years in prison. This is in addition to the DUI offenses you will face.

You should also know that the child in the vehicle doesn’t have to be yours – any child under the age of 14 in your vehicle while you are under the influence will warrant a charge. However, you should also understand that if it is your child in the car, it can impact your ability to retain custody of the child.

Additionally, you should know that you can still be charged with a DUI if you are in actual physical control of the vehicle, even if you are not actively driving.

What Should I Do if I’m Charged?

In addition to facing fines and jail time, you should understand that this charge carries intense penalties that can follow you for the rest of your life. Not only will you have a criminal record that can impact your ability to get a job but, as mentioned, this can affect custody of your children. As such, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced attorney who can examine the details of your case.

At the Miller Law Practice, we understand how complex these matters can be. That’s why our dedicated legal team will examine the details of your case to determine the best course of action for your needs. Connect with us today to learn more about these matters to learn how we can assist you.