texting and driving

Over the past few decades, technology has become extremely engrained in our society, from smartphones to virtual reality. However, devices have become much more prevalent, often relating to texting while driving. This action is dangerous, as distracted driving can lead to accidents and severe injuries. If caught texting and driving, understanding the consequences you can expect is vital. The following blog outlines the penalties and what to do if you are facing a cell phone offense in Georgia and how a Cobb County traffic violation lawyer can help you navigate these violations.

What Are the Penalties for Texting and Driving?

If found texting and driving, you will face a few penalties, depending on whether or not it is your first violation. For a first-time offender, you will face a $50 fine and 1 point added to our license. A second offense increased to $100 and 2 points, while a third will produce a $150 fine and three points.

However, it isn’t just texting and driving that can warrant a violation. In Georgia, all drivers are required to be hands-free. This includes watching videos on their phone or car screens, adjusting their navigation devices, or using their car screens to adjust the music. The only exception is if a driver is on their phone to report an emergency.

First-time offenders may be able to get their charges dropped if they can prove to the court that they have purchased a hands-free device.

How Can You Avoid Texting While Driving?

If you have developed the habit of texting and driving, doing what you can to reduce your dependence on technology is crucial to not only avoiding charges but keeping yourself and others on the road safe.

One option is to invest in a Bluetooth headset that allows you to answer phone calls and messages without removing your eyes from the road or your hands from the wheel. Many newer cars also come with technology that allows you to use your voice to operate your phone, respond to texts, change the music, or set GPS directions.

However, you can also take extra precautions to put your phone in an accessible but out-of-sight location. You shouldn’t keep your phone out of reach in the event you are in an emergency, but it should be out of sight to deter distractions.

Can an Attorney Help Me?

If you are facing a traffic violation for using a handheld device while driving, ensuring you contact an attorney as soon as possible is essential. You may be able to prove that you were not on a device, keeping yourself free of unnecessary traffic tickets and points.

At Miller Law Practice, we understand that people make mistakes. If you’re facing a violation for texting and driving, we can assess the situation and fight to help you receive the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.