There are few things worse than being charged with a crime, and if you are someone in Vinings, Cobb County, or anywhere in Georgia, and you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced Vinings criminal defense lawyer on your side who is ready to do everything in his power to protect you from the potential ramifications of those charges. You have just found that attorney here at the Miller Law Practice, LLC. Contact our firm today to learn more about how we can assist you through every step of the legal process ahead.

Do I Need a Vinings Criminal Defense Lawyer?

You do not need us to tell you that being convicted of a criminal charge can have lasting impacts on your life. Our firm understands this, and our Vinings criminal defense lawyer also understands that you deserve a second chance. Give our legal team a call today so we can help you.

Our Legal Services

The Miller Law Practice, LLC is a staunch defender of all those who’ve been charged with crimes in Vinings. Our experienced criminal defense attorney handles the following cases, among others.

Consequences of Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions carry a wide array of penalties, and in many cases, on top of high fines, restricted driving privileges, probation, and more, you will also spend time in jail. Why risk facing these penalties alone when you can hire a reliable Georgia criminal defense lawyer?

Consequences of Having a Criminal Record in Georgia

Unfortunately, long after people serve their time in jail and deal with a variety of additional consequences that ensue once convicted of a crime, they will also have to cope with the impact of obtaining a criminal record. A criminal record can prevent you from working at certain jobs, renting out certain living spaces, and even securing certain loans, among other long-lasting impacts. Our firm is here to help ensure that these significant penalties do not haunt you for the rest of your life.

Contact Our Vinings Criminal Defense Lawyer

All those who’ve been charged with crimes in Vinings and throughout Cobb County can depend on Attorney Adam Miller of the Miller Law Practice, LLC to vigilantly fight on their behalf. If you’ve been charged with a crime, our firm is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.