Everybody makes mistakes, and oftentimes, those people are met with unfair and disproportionate ramifications for those mistakes. In other cases, people are unfairly accused of wrongdoing, but no matter your situation, if you are currently facing criminal charges, you can rest assured that our Cobb County criminal defense lawyer is here to fight your charges in an effort to prevent jail time, high fines, and a criminal record that may affect your life for years to come. Attorney Adam Miller was first a prosecutor, and now, he works tirelessly to defend those accused of committing crimes using his experience from the other side of the aisle. If you’ve been charged with a crime, you have a lot on the line, and you cannot afford to hire just any attorney. Miller Law Practice, LLC, is the firm for you. Contact us today so you can tell us your story and we can begin mounting the best defense possible on your behalf.

Cobb County Criminal Defense Lawyer | Fighting for Your Rights

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Cobb County or anywhere in Georgia, you need a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer who is ready to fight, tooth and nail, to receive a positive outcome on your behalf. You have just found that lawyer in Attorney Adam Miller of the Miller Law Practice, LLC.

Our Legal Services

Here at the Miller Law Practice, LLC, our experienced Georgia criminal defense lawyer handles a wide array of criminal charges, including the following:

  • Assault: Assault charges are incredibly serious, and oftentimes, people charged with assault were simply acting in self-defense. Our firm understands this, and we are here to work to ensure that you do not face a wrongful assault conviction.
  • Domestic Violence: Domestic violence charges can tear a family and someone’s reputation apart, especially if they have been wrongfully accused of committing an act of domestic violence. This is why if you are currently facing domestic violence charges, you must retain the services of a knowledgeable attorney who can work to disprove those charges and clear your name.
  • Drug Possession: Drug possession charges often entail extremely serious consequences, especially if you were caught with large amounts of a drug and were believed to have the intent to sell them. Our Cobb County criminal defense lawyer is here to fight for your right to a fresh start.
  • DUI: Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of operating their vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, this mistake can land you in jail, have your license revoked, and more. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of potential defenses to DUI charges, and our firm is well-versed in Georgia DUI law. Speak with us to learn more about what we can do for you.
  • Gun Crimes: Georgia is a gun-friendly state, however, this does not mean that there aren’t various rules and restrictions in place when it comes to owning, carrying, and using firearms here in Georgia, and if you were caught allegedly violating those laws, even if you did not realize you were doing so, there is a very good chance that you risk high fines and time behind bars–we are here to help ensure that does not happen.
  • Juvenile Crimes: Children make mistakes, though unfortunately, in the eyes of the law, your child’s mistake may warrant very serious legal ramifications. This is why if your child was recently charged with a crime, you need a compassionate criminal defense attorney who can fight for your child’s right to a clean record so he or she is not haunted by past decisions for years to come.
  • Minor in Possession: Minors in possession of drugs or alcohol face a unique set of penalties, however, these penalties can still affect their lives for years into the future. If you are the parent of a child who is currently facing a possession charge, you can depend on Miller Law Practice, LLC to be your child’s staunch defender.
  • Shoplifting: Though we all know it is wrong to steal, sometimes, people have a lapse of judgment, and if you were caught shoplifting from a store, you may face very serious legal penalties, on top of obtaining a criminal record. That being said, there are numerous viable defenses to shoplifting charges, and our firm is dedicated to helping you get a second chance.
  • Traffic Violations: Though rules and regulations of the road are in place to keep all motorists safe, the truth is, most people receive at least one speeding ticket or another traffic violation in their lives. While we oftentimes do not think it necessary to hire an attorney to fight a speeding ticket, in many cases, it is completely necessary to do so, and it can save you greatly in the long run by helping you avoid license suspensions, points on your record, and more.
  • Violent Crimes: Being charged with a violent crime can have incredibly serious repercussions, and in the worst cases, it can land you in prison for the rest of your life. No matter the severity of your crime, Miller Law Practice, LLC is here to help you in any way we can.
  • Federal Crimes: Being charged with a federal crime can be an overwhelming experience. Unfortunately, those found guilty of these crimes will likely end up in federal prison for a number of years, or, in the worst cases, for life. If you’re facing these charges, you need a competent Cobb County criminal defense lawyer in your corner.

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If you’ve been charged with a crime, the bottom line is that you need an attorney who has the dedication and skill needed to effectively fight your charges to help ensure that you go on living a free, productive life. Our Cobb County criminal defense lawyer has dedicated his career to assisting individuals throughout the state of Georgia, including Acworth, Austell, Kennesaw, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Fair Oaks, Mableton, and Vinings who’ve been charged with crimes, and he is ready to put his experience to work for you, too. Contact Miller Law Practice, LLC today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.