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If you or a loved one are facing the consequences of assault charges in Georgia, you will need to retain the services of an experienced Cobb County criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Our legal team is on your side no matter what.

What are the penalties of simple assault charges in Georgia?

There are two different types of assault recognized in the state of Georgia: simple assault and aggravated assault. If you are charged with simple assault, it is likely that you will encounter a misdemeanor. This may include up to one year in jail and a potential $1,000 fine. If you are charged with simple assault under any of the following circumstances, it is likely that you will face the same penalties even though you will be charged with a high and aggravated misdemeanor instead:

  • Assault of an individual who is 65 years or older
  • Assault of a pregnant woman
  • Assault of a family member
  • Assault against a public school employee on public school grounds
  • Simple assault in a public vehicle or station

What will happen after an aggravated assault charge?

Aggravated assault is defined as an assault with a deadly weapon, assault with any object that is likely to result in strangulation, assault with the intent to murder, rape, or rob another person, or assault against someone with a firearm from inside of a motor vehicle without legal justification. Those who are charged with aggravated assault will encounter a felony charge. This likely involves anywhere between one and 20 years in prison as well as a potential $2,000 fine. If further heightening factors are present while you obtain an aggravated assault charge, you will encounter more severe penalties. A prime example of this is if an individual commits an act of aggravated assault against a public safety officer.

What are the possible defenses against an assault charge?

There is a number of possible defenses against assault charges. The strategy our firm seeks will greatly rely on the situation of your case. Some of the most common defenses against assault charges include the following: demonstrating that you were acting in self-defense, lack of intent, that you were defending others, and more. If you would like to learn more about the possible defenses for an assault charge or have further questions about your legal options, it is in your best interest to reach out to our experienced firm today to speak with a Cobb County assault lawyer. Our legal team is on your side.

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