If you lost your license as a result of a DUI charge, you may be wondering if you are eligible to receive a hardship license. To find your answer, continue reading and give our firm a call today to speak with a skilled Cobb County DUI lawyer.

What is a hardship license in Georgia?

A hardship license is issued by Georgia courts to a person who has had their driver’s license suspended or revoked. It is important to recognize that these include restricted licenses that only permit the applicant to operate their vehicle during the period of suspension to make a livelihood or sustain life’s essentials. For instance, with a hardship license, you may be able to do things like attend school, go to work, or attend medical treatments. You will want to keep in mind that each state has different definitions of hardship in its own way and the restriction may differ state by state.

In the state of Georgia, drivers who have suspended licenses may be qualified to obtain limited driving privileges while waiting for the reinstatement of their license. Hardship licenses in Georgia allow motorists to drive to medical facilities, school, work, and other important places.

Who can obtain a hardship license in Georgia?

There are several different requirements that can allow a driver who has had their license suspended to obtain a hardship license in Georgia. Some of these requirements include, and are not limited to:

  • Drivers who have had their license suspended for a first conviction
  • Drivers who have had their license suspended for a first or second DUI conviction
  • Drivers who have had their license suspended for a first or second-point suspension
  • Drivers will also be required to prove to the court that they are suffering hardship. They will need to prove to the court that they do not have a means of getting to school, work, a medical facility, or attending a court-ordered program such as drug or alcohol treatment programs.

If a driver has been convicted of a second offense, he or she may be directed to meet certain requirements to get a hardship license such as establishing and using an ignition interlock device in their vehicles. They may also be instructed to complete a drug and alcohol awareness and treatment program to be qualified for the ignition interlock device in Georgia.

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