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Facing criminal charges can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how the criminal justice system works in Georgia. Not only can a trial place considerable pressure on you, but it can also be costly. However, the alternative is to accept a plea deal and face prison and social repercussions. As such, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with the facets of the criminal justice system, especially if you’re looking to win your case. The following blog explores why connecting with a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer is critical if you wish to win your criminal trial. Additionally, you’ll discover the different forms of trials and strategies to obtain a successful outcome.

What Types of Criminal Trial Are There?

There are two forms of criminal case, both with their own advantages and risks when it comes to the success and probability of winning your case.

The first is the most common, and this is a jury trial. As the name suggests, these occur when a jury of your peers will hear the case before collaborating to determine whether or not you are guilty or innocent. However, in some circumstances, a bench trial may be ideal. This allows the judge to be the sole entity for deciding as to whether or not you are guilty. Some believe trying to convince one person of innocence is more straightforward than trying to sway the minds of twelve jurors, while others believe it’s easier to convince a jury due to their average knowledge of the law as compared to a judge.

Each has advantages, meaning it’s in your best interest to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney before determining the best option for your unique circumstances.

What Strategies Can Help Me Win?

Working with an attorney allows to you explore all possible avenues for a defense for your unique circumstances. However, there are some strategies that lawyers rely on to help their cases succeed.

One way to win your case is to have it dismissed. Generally, your attorney will file a motion to dismiss the case if there is insufficient evidence against you or there is misconduct on the part of the prosecutor. Similarly, if the case is past the statute of limitations, your attorney can fight to have the case dismissed on this fact.

Additionally, your attorney may argue to have evidence excluded. Essentially, this means it will not be admissible in court, so the prosecution cannot use this evidence against you, no matter how incriminating it is. This often occurs when the officers and investigators responsible for collecting this evidence violate your rights in the process. For example, if they conducted an unlawful search and seizure, the evidence found during this search may be prohibited from court.

As you can see, many considerations and factors can impact the outcome of your court criminal trial. That’s why it’s imperative to enlist the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney from the Miller Law Practice, LLC to help guide you through these complex matters. We understand how damaging a criminal record can be, so we’re dedicated to helping you navigate these difficult times. Contact us today to learn more.