car insurance rates following a DUI

When people make the decision to drink and drive, they may ignore how it will impact their life. From the social repercussions to possible jail time, the penalties are severe for this crime. However, one area many forget to consider when thinking about the impact is in regards to their auto insurance. After a DUI, you can expect your insurance rates to increase significantly, leading to financial strain. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, ensuring you reach out to a Cobb County DUI lawyer is crucial to keeping your record clean. Keep reading to learn more about the penalties of a DUI.

How Much Will My Insurance Rates Increase After a DUI?

If convicted of a DUI, your insurance rates will likely increase drastically. This is because your insurance carrier has deemed you a “high-risk” driver, so you must carry a higher premium. Those with a DUI can expect at least a 70% increase in their annual car insurance payments.

In some instances, your carrier may drop you as a client altogether. This is because you need to carry an SR-22 certificate which is a requirement for those deemed high-risk to possess when driving. An SR-22 is necessary for three years following your conviction, as it proves you’ve met the minimum insurance requirements for those at an increased risk. Insurance companies can drop you, as these premiums are too high, meaning they will need to pay more if you cause an accident.

If your insurance company drops you, you must find coverage in order to continue driving. However, you will not find insurance for the same price you paid before the DUI.

You can expect to pay an increased insurance rate for at least three years, if not longer. This is because your insurance carrier will consider your driving history when providing coverage, so keeping a clean record can help lower your premium. However, it may never return to the low price it once was.

Will an Attorney Be Able to Help?

These insurance costs will only affect you if you are convicted of a DUI. Whether you are guilty or not, reaching out to a competent attorney is crucial to avoid these consequences. Though it seems like there are no options, your lawyer will examine the circumstances surrounding your arrest to explore all possible avenues for a defense to represent you in your legal battle.

However, you only have 30 days from the date of your DUI arrest to appeal the arrest or request a hearing to prevent your license from becoming suspended. This makes reaching out as soon as possible crucial.

When you need help navigating your legal troubles, Miller Law Practice is ready to assist. Our attorneys have the necessary experience to help fight to keep your criminal record clean. Contact us today to connect with our dedicated legal team to learn how we can help you.