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Drug crimes in Georgia aren’t taken lightly, as this state imposes some of the most intense penalties for these offenses. However, many are unfamiliar with the different drug offenses that they can face. As such, you’ll find that some of the most severe consequences you can face revolve around drug manufacturing charges. If you’re accused of this crime, it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with what consequences you may endure if you are convicted of this offense and why connecting with a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer can help protect your fights during these instances.

What Constitutes Drug Manufacturing?

In Georgia, any time you use chemical processes to make an illegal drug or controlled substance, you can be charged with drug manufacturing. Similarly, if you grow or harvest illegal substances, this is cultivation, which warrants the same consequences.

If you are involved with the cultivation or manufacturing of a drug at any point in the process, you can be charged. This includes handling the materials to packing and labeling it.

What Penalties Can I Face?

It’s important to understand that, in Georgia, the penalties for this offense can be incredibly intense. Generally, you’ll find that the penalties you can face depend on the type and amount of drug you are manufacturing. There are mandatory minimum sentences in place to deter people from committing these crimes and as a means of dissuading re-offenders.

For example, you can face the following sentences for these drugs:

  • Cocaine manufacturing:
    • 28g-200g: 10 years in prison and a fine of $200,000
    • 200g-400g: 15 years in prison and a fine of $300,000
    • 400+g: 25 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine
  • Marijuana cultivation
    • 10lbs-2,000lbs: Five years in prison and a fine of $100,000
    • 2,000-10,000lbs: Seven years in prison and a $250,000 fine
    • 10,000+lbs: 15 years in prison and a $1,000,000 fine
  • Methaqualone
    • 200g-400g: Five years in prison and a fine of $50,000
    • 400+g: 15 years in prison and a fine of $250,000

As you can see, these mandatory minimum penalties can vary greatly depending on the class and amount of drug you are accused of manufacturing. However, it should be noted that under special circumstances, the courts may be able to reduce the minimum sentence at its discretion, but these instances are rare due to the strict rules in place.

What Should I Do if I’m Arrested for This Offense?

If you have been arrested on drug manufacturing charges, the most important thing you can do is connect with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. In fact, immediately upon your arrest, you should inform the police you want a lawyer and then invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Unfortunately, facing these charges can significantly impact your life. As such, connecting with an experienced attorney from the Miller Law Practice, LLC is critical. Our firm understands how difficult these matters can be. That’s why we are dedicated to helping those charged with crimes navigate these times. Connect with us today to learn how we can help.