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When you are charged with criminal activity, understanding the legal system you will face is crucial. Though you are charged with a crime, simply being charged is not enough to convict you. As such, you must understand what the prosecution must do to prove your guilt. Generally, this means the prosecutor must demonstrate your guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The following blog explores what this means, how it’s proven, and why you need an experienced Cobb County criminal defense lawyer to assist you through this process.

What Is Reasonable Doubt?

When charged with a crime, it’s vital to understand that you cannot be convicted on suspicion or speculation. As such, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you are guilty. Essentially, the jury must be certain that you have committed a crime. While a juror may have some doubts, if they are not reasonable, it should not inflict their judgment to render a verdict.

The idea of reasonable doubt is the highest burden of proof the prosecution must fulfill in order to convict them of criminal activity. It is entirely on the prosecution to prove that the defendant is guilty. In fact, your attorney does not have to prove that you are innocent. They simply have to cast enough doubt on the prosecution’s argument.

How Is This Doubt Demonstrated?

Your attorney can use a number of techniques to cast reasonable doubt on the prosecution’s argument. Generally, a lawyer will use any of the following methods to create doubt:

  • Challenging the credibility of witnesses
  • Showcasing a strong alibi
  • Challenging evidence as circumstantial
  • Proving procedural errors occurred during the collection of evidence
  • Pointing out inconsistencies within the prosecution’s claims

For example, if you are facing a DUI charge, the prosecution may claim your breathalyzer test indicated that your BAC was 0.08%. However, your attorney may be able to prove the test was defective in some way, casting doubt on the legitimacy of your BAC reading.

How Can a Cobb County Attorney Assist if I’m Facing Criminal Charges?

When facing criminal charges, it’s in your best interest to retain legal representation as soon as possible.

Not only will your attorney fight for you during this challenging time, but they will also work to help you navigate the legal system. Unfortunately, there are many legal complexities you may encounter as a criminal defendant, but your lawyer can help guide you through them with ease.

At the Miller Law Practice, we understand how anxiety-inducing it can be to discover that you have been charged with a criminal offense. As such, our team is committed to examining the circumstances of your case to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact our firm today to learn more about how we can assist you.