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If charged with a crime, you may have weighed the option of fighting the charges or simply pleading guilty. Though it may seem easier to plead guilty, this is not recommended in many instances. The following blog explores the implications of pleading guilty to a crime before speaking with a Cobb County criminal defense lawyer. Keep reading to learn more about these circumstances.

Is Pleading Guilty Ever a Good Idea?

Generally, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an attorney who tells you to plead guilty to the initial charges against you. Unfortunately, many criminal defendants assume that pleading guilty is simpler than enduring a lengthy and costly trial.

It is vital to note that if you are completely innocent of the crime, you should not plead guilty to the charges. This makes it more challenging to have your conviction overturned and expunged from your record. Similarly, pleading guilty means you will likely lose your professional licenses, and it can impact child custody decisions.

However, this does not mean pleading guilty is always a bad idea. In some instances, the prosecution may offer you a plea bargain. Generally, this lowers the charges against you in exchange for a guilty plea. For some, this is a good option if the state has a solid case against you, meaning your chances of being found innocent are slim. However, you should consult an attorney before agreeing to a deal or entering a guilty plea.

Why Do I Need to Consult a Lawyer Before I Plead Guilty?

Unfortunately, many are unaware of the implications pleading guilty to a crime can have. However, working with an attorney ensures you understand all your options before entering a deal or pleading guilty to a crime.

Consulting an attorney when charged with a crime has many benefits. Not only can they ensure your rights as a criminal defendant are protected, but they will also examine the details surrounding your case. If they believe they can help prove your innocence, they will advise you as to whether or not a guilty plea is in your best interest.

It’s also important to understand that law enforcement may take advantage of you and your unfamiliarity with the legal system. They may offer to make you a deal in exchange for information or a confession. You must understand that the police do not have this authority. The only entity who can make a deal with you regarding the charges against you is the prosecutor assigned to your case.

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