In Georgia, drug crimes are taken very seriously. If you are facing charges for a drug crime, you will likely face serious consequences. One of the most common crimes is drug possession. Read on to learn more about drug possession and the penalties associated with each drug.

Marijuana Possession

For the possession of less than one ounce of marijuana in Georgia, you will likely face a misdemeanor charge that may result in up to one year in jail and a potential $1,000 fine or up to 1 year of community service.

Being caught with one ounce or more of marijuana can result in anywhere between 1-10 years in prison.

Cocaine Possession

If you are convicted of possessing less than 28 grams of cocaine in Georgia, you will most likely face a felony charge, for which you may spend anywhere between 2-15 years in jail.

For a second or subsequent cocaine possession offense, you may spend anywhere between 5-30 years in jail.

Heroin Possession

Possessing less than 2 grams of heroin may result in anywhere between 1-3 years in prison, while possessing between 2-4 grams of heroin may land you in prison for anywhere between 1-8 years.

Possession of any more than 4 grams of heroin is considered drug trafficking under Georgia law and will result in far greater criminal penalties.

Illegally Possessing Prescription Drugs

If you are caught in possession of a Schedule IV drug, such as Xanax or valium without a prescription, you may face a felony charge. It is important to know that this can result in anywhere between 1-3 years in prison.

Potential Defenses Against Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession results in serious consequences. Luckily, there are a number of potential defenses. Our firm will work tirelessly to prove your innocence. Some common defenses for drug possession in Georgia include:

  • Proving that the drugs found in your possession actually belong to another person
  • Proving that you are the victim of entrapment
  • Proving that the officer conducted an unlawful search and seizure
  • Proving that the drugs were planted

If you are facing charges for a drug crime in Georgia, you will need the help of an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney. Reach out today to discuss your case. We will explore all possible avenues of defense.

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