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Our firm recognizes the impact shoplifting can have on an individual’s future. If you were charged, you will need to retain the services of a skilled Cobb County shoplifting lawyer today. Our legal team is dedicated to ensuring that you and your future are protected at all costs. Give us a call today to get started.

How does the state of Georgia define shoplifting?

According to Georgia Code § 16-8-1, et seq., shoplifting is defined as when one person or more than one person takes merchandise from the owner of that merchandise without paying for it. All of the following are instances of shoplifting under Georgia state law:

  • Hiding or taking merchandise from any retail establishment without paying for it
  • Transferring merchandise in a retail establishment from one container to another
  • Changing the contents of a price tag
  • Swapping the price tag or label on one piece of merchandise with that of another
  • Taking any other action that wrongfully decreases the amount paid on any given item from the initially-stated price of the item in question

What are the consequences of shoplifting?

If you were charged with shoplifting in the state of Georgia, you can expect to face a wide array of very severe penalties, including:

  • Stolen property valued at $500 or less: For stealing property worth $500 or less, you may face a misdemeanor charge, which may entail up to 1 year in jail and a fine.
  • Stolen property valued at more than $500: Between 1-10 years in prison and a high fine.
  • For stealing property from three different stores in the same county within 3 days: Between 1-10 years in prison and a high fine.

What defenses can be used to fight this charge?

In the event that you were charged with shoplifting, it is important that you have a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side to work to disprove their charges, or, at the very minimum, significantly mitigate the effects of their charges. Depending on the facts of your case, our legal team may be able to employ one of many possible defenses. For instance, in some cases, our firm can demonstrate that you already owned the property that was allegedly stolen. In other instances, we may argue that you did not recognize that you were wrongfully taking property that belonged to another person or entity. No matter what circumstances surround your arrest and conviction, our legal team is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect you and your future.

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