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Do I need a permit for gun ownership in Georgia?

It is important to understand Georgia’s gun laws before trying to obtain a gun. In Georgia, you do not need the following:

  • A permit to purchase a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.
  • To register a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.
  • A license to own a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.
  • A permit to carry a rifle or shotgun, but you do require a permit to carry a handgun. As long as you have a carry permit, you
  • May carry a firearm on your property, in your motor vehicle, or at a place of business.

Who is unable to possess a gun in the state of Georgia?

If you fall into the following categories, you will not be able to legally possess a gun:

  • Convicted felons are prohibited from possessing, receiving, or transporting any kind of firearm.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 is banned from owning or using a handgun, unless under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian in particular cases.

What are the penalties for gun crimes in Georgia?

There are a number of different types of gun crimes recognized in Goergia. Below are some of the most common and their associated consequences:

  • Carrying a weapon on school property: The harshness of your penalties will rely upon whether you have a license. If you have a license to carry, you may only obtain a misdemeanor, but if you do not have a license to carry, you will likely face felony charges.
  • Carrying a weapon in public without a license: This is deemed a misdemeanor, but if you are charged for a second or subsequent violation, you will most likely face felony charges.
  • Possessing a firearm as a felon: If you are already a convicted felon and you are caught in possession of a firearm, you will face a felony charge.
  • Possession of a handgun while under the age of 18: If you are a minor under the age of 18 and you are caught in possession of a handgun, you will most likely face misdemeanor charges. However, your charges may rise depending on your record.
    • For instance, if this is your second offense, you may encounter felony charges.
  • Possession of prohibited weapons: If you are seen in possession of a prohibited weapon, such as a machine gun or a sawed-off shotgun, you will most likely face felony charges and a possible five-year prison sentence.

If you are encountering charges for a gun crime in Georgia, it is in your best interest to reach out to a skilled criminal defense attorney right away.

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