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When convicted of a DUI, your life will undoubtedly change in several ways. For example, you can face jail time, fines, community service, and probation for the first offense, with more intense penalties with each subsequent charge. You can also face a license suspension for your first offense, making getting to work impossible for some. However, if caught driving with a suspended license, you can face severe penalties. Keep reading to learn more about the consequences and discover how a Cobb County traffic violation lawyer can help you navigate charges.

What Are the Penalties for Driving With a Suspended License?

If found driving while your license is suspended, there are several penalties you can face on top of the initial DUI consequences. Generally, if caught for the first time, you will face a misdemeanor, which is separate from your DUI crime. This charge carries a potential for a minimum of two days in jail, a minimum fine of $500, and an extension of your license suspension for an additional six months. You will also be fingerprinted, which is then entered into the Georgia Crime Information Center database.

What Should I Do if I Need to Drive?

If you need to drive while your license is suspended, you may feel out of luck. However, if it is your first DUI charge, and you have not had a DUI accident or prior conviction in 5 years, you can apply for a hardship license. This is a limited license that allows you to drive while your regular one is suspended.

To qualify for a hardship license, you must be able to prove that you’re suffering hardship, as you cannot travel to work, school, or court-ordered treatment programs. You must also enroll in a treatment program or educational classes and install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

It’s important to note that if you are found driving with a suspended license, you will be unable to apply for a hardship license. If you have not yet applied for a hardship license or do not qualify, you should avoid driving at all costs to prevent further criminal charges. Repeated offenses will elevate to a felony, which can have immense ramifications on your life.

Can an Attorney Help Me?

Facing any criminal charges can be intimidating. However, a competent attorney can make the process less complex, offering guidance on the best course of action to take to avoid charges. Though this charge seems indefensible, working with a competent attorney can help you explore all possible options to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Similarly, an attorney can help you schedule an Administrative License Hearing, which you only have 30 days to do following a conviction.

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