Georgia law requires that all drivers stop and remain at the scene when they have been in an accident. Individuals who fail to do this face serious consequences. There are many reasons that drivers may fail to stop at the scene of an accident. If this has happened to you and you are facing charges, you likely require the assistance of an experienced Cobb County criminal defense lawyer. Our legal team is prepared to explore all avenues of defense on your behalf. To learn more about the consequences you may face for leaving the scene of an accident Georgia continue reading.

What are the consequences of leaving the scene of an accident in Georgia?

If a driver has been involved in an accident that has resulted in injuries, fatalities, or death, they are required to stop the vehicle and remain at the scene. Failure to do so may result in them facing severe consequences.

Drivers who flee the scene of an accident may be convicted of a misdemeanor which comes with penalties of up to one year in jail and a fine of $1,000. Drivers may also risk the suspension of their driver’s license and having their vehicle impounded. If a driver flees the scene of an accident where someone was seriously injured or killed, they will likely face felony charges and a jail sentence of five years.

What are the defenses for leaving the scene of an accident in Georiga?

There are various defenses that your criminal defense attorney may use against your charges for leaving the scene of an accident. The most commonly used defenses for thee charges include the following:

  • You did not know that there were injuries sustained in the accident
  • You went to get help for those injured in the accident
  • You were not driving the vehicle that fled the scene
  • You did not know that any property damage was sustained in the accident

One of the most common defenses used in these circumstances is that you fled the scene to get help. If you did not have a phone to call for help or if the other party was injured that they may pass away, you might leave to get help. Proving this with evidence may be used as a defense.

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